Asked by Ankur Gupta from India | Apr. 25, 2016 07:56
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Need help on health and career. I am male born on 3feb1982.

Last 1 year i have been having issues with my job (issues with manager and not able to find a new job) and my health (i keep having ailments now and then). Please can you help me, by when can i get a new job and what i can do to achieve a good.

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Answered by Marjory from Singapore | Apr. 25, 2016 20:19
Well, you are not recommended to change job this year, according to the prediction result. The new work may not be very satisfying. Maybe you should adjust your state of mind in work.
You are adviced to be moderate and keep a low profile. Work on your communication skills will also help you get along well with your colleagues.
There won't be many problems on your physical health. You should keep an eye on your mental health. Or, it will affect your sleep status.
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