Asked by robert from USA | Apr. 18, 2016 09:49
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I was born 7/27/1968 things have gone bad for me so far this year.

its only april and many unlucky things are happing to me so far, when I found out about Chinese new year, year of monkey, my heart dropped , what can I do to make things better?

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Answered by Tom from Mexico | Apr. 18, 2016 22:06
Robert, don't be upset. There are still many things you can do to reverse your situation.
1. When there is a problem at work, don't give up. Seek help from your colleagues and it will be solved. Keep positive and don't let any negative emotion influence yourself.
2. You should make a comprehensive plan before you do any investment. Try to avoid money issues such as borrowing and lending.
3. Do exercises frequent and take regular health check.
It should still be a good year! Best wishes!
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