Asked by J from Brunei | Apr. 14, 2016 00:15
About:Marriage Registration in China

I don't even know...My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married in Shanghai.

He's American and I'm from Brunei. He recently landed a job in Shanghai which means his visa is sorted. However, I'm still waiting to hear back from Universities and in the event that I don't get accepted to any, I don't know what type of entry permit I can obtain. That said, is it possible for us to get married and for me to change my visa from tourist to spousal without leaving China? If so, what are the procedures for it? I feel like I'm complicating the whole process in my head. =(

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Answered by Shelly from Mexico | Apr. 15, 2016 22:02
Dear, if you two get married and get the marriage certificate, it’s possible for you to change L type to S type because he has work Z type and residence permit in PRC.

You should first prepare all the required documents including your passport, the application form, a passport-style photo taken recently, the temporary accommodation registration form, an invitation letter from him, copy of his passport and residence permit in PRC and your marriage certificate. And then submit your application to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB to change tourist L type to S type. But I cannot assure that it can be done eventually. You can have a try.
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