Asked by 7th grade girl from Iowa | Mar. 30, 2016 20:49
About:History of Silk Road

What were the benefits for traveling along the Silk Road? What goods imported from Europe to Asia?

I have a project. And there is another question. What are some important geographical features of this route?
I got the dangers but I'm having trouble finding benefits.
My project is due Friday so I would love it if you could get back to me ASAP!
7th grader girl

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Answered by Barton from Russia | Mar. 31, 2016 20:35
1. This route traverses rolling mountains, vast deserts, and wide prairie from the central China to the western world.
2. Due to the open up of this international trade route, frequent economical and cultural communication between oriental countries and western regions were achieved, allowing people to exchange advanced technology and local products.
3. Jewelry, spices, furs, music, and even religious belief were imported into Asia via the route.

Hope my reply won't be too late. Good luck with your project.
Answered by 7th grade girl from Iowa | Apr. 02, 2016 22:41
Thank you!!! That's helps!!! Thanks again!!!
Answered by 4th grade JIAN from Korea,China | Dec. 04, 2019 03:12
Reply to Barton from Russia. Your answer also help me to do final poster!!!!!!
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