Asked by Steve Decker | Mar. 31, 2014 16:07
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What was Jesus Christ's zodiac animal sign?

I think this is a good question for us God believing people. Would be interested to know!

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Answered by Gina from Singapore | Mar. 31, 2014 22:28
I heard it should be Rooster according to the calendar, but not very sure!
Answered by Yi Jiun from Malaysia | Dec. 22, 2017 01:57
12 zodiac animals complete a cycle.
Each year is represented by a zodiac animal.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2016 happened to be the year of the Monkey.

2016/12 = 168
Therefore, it could be concluded that Jesus was born in the year of the Monkey.

In addition, based on Christmas, he was a Capricorn.

Correct me if I was wrong.
Answered by Yi Jiun from Malaysia | Dec. 22, 2017 02:21
Sorry, I made a blunder.
The calculation was still correct.

But, since Jesus was born on 1AD, the Chinese zodiac animal for that year should be the Rooster, and not the Monkey which would fall on the previous year, or 1BC.
Answered by Doesn'tmatter from Earth | Feb. 17, 2021 14:56
However Jesus was most probably born on 6BC, thus a Rabbit.
Answered by jamol from Albania | Mar. 29, 2022 20:39
Answered by Bravid Valour from Australia | May. 12, 2022 04:06
Jesus was born when the Inns were full, that is Summer, Inns are typically empty in wintery Capricorn, suggesting he was a Cancerian. Diocletian was born in Capricorn, he instituted the saturnalia on his birthday in December, when gift giving was promoted to stimulate the wintery retail in the Roman Empire. His family were retailers. The Church after Diocletian died, adopted both the Dioceseian regional government system and the celebration of Saturnalia was adoptively converted to Jesus Birthday.
Answered by Jim Guy from Singapore | Nov. 05, 2022 16:15
His birth took place in April.
Answered by Jim Guy from Singapore | Nov. 05, 2022 16:17
Jesus was born on April 6th. 1 BC
Answered by 54321 from United Kingdom | Nov. 13, 2022 05:42
How do you know that?
Answered by Enlightenment from United States | Jan. 29, 2023 12:54
He was always all zodiacs but he is the one the earth dragon of all elements. Jehovah Dovah king.
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