Asked by Mary from USA | Feb. 18, 2016 02:23
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My DOB -6/25/1980. Will I have a prosperous year?

should I stay away from the casino & risks? How would my year be like as far as relationship, health, finances and career? And I'm dating a horse (12/30/1966). Is this a good Match? Or venture for new love?

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Answered by Stephen from Singapore | Feb. 18, 2016 19:01
Mary, your financial luck is not very good. It is not recommended for you to take risks this year. Since you have got a boyfriend, you may well deal with the opinion conflicts between you two, or there would be endless quarrels. You two really make a good match. Don't let the small issues destory this relationship.
In your work, you should pay attention to improve the communication skills with your colleagues, which would help you avoid many unnecessary problem. The possibility to get in tranffic accident is large. You may need to be carefull on the road.
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