Asked by DO from Canada | Feb. 04, 2016 09:06

transport, winter shoes, typical food,must see

Could you kindly advise on the following:
1) transport from the airport to Address: Jingwei Road, Dao Li. 2 people with 2 big bags and 2 carry-ons. If by cab, how much would it cost?
2) Transport from same address to the various sites -
a)Sun Island Scenic
b) Ice Snow World
c) Zhaolin park
d) Ice Lantern garden party.
If by cab - what would be approx costs? rough guide is appreciated
If by bus - is there a schedule and costs?
Entrance fees to these sites between Feb 17 - 20?

Are the streets slippery that we need special shoes - where should we get them if needed?

What are the regional foods that we should savour that is typically Harbin or Helongjiang?

Beside these sites what are the MUST visit (we come from cold climate so skiing and skating will not be that special though if there are sleigh rides etc... could be interesting!)

Thank you in advance for your help.
DO from Canada

Answers (8)
Answered by Michelle | Feb. 05, 2016 00:11
Hi, since you come from cold climate, why don't you choose some places that are different. Skiing, Skating, watching ice laterns are the main activities in winter. If I were you, I would go to some other cities in China with different scenery.

The taxi cost is bit than CNY100 from the airport to the city center area. you can refer to the following page for the attractions, food and some other information about this city.
good luck.
Answered by DO from Canada | Feb. 05, 2016 12:38
Thank you Michelle for your response. I am from cold climate - but I heard the Ice lanterns and sculptures are amazing but as for skiing and skating would not be something I go to there for. I was asking if there is anything else that are not published in the websites that someone may have found interesting to visit or eat.
Would still appreciate to know the transportation to the sites like the Sun Island park and other scenic spots.
Answered by Michelle | Feb. 05, 2016 19:06
You can take taxi to all those scenic spots. It is very convenient and the easiest way. Costs less than CNY30 one way to each.
Answered by DO from Canada | Feb. 09, 2016 11:27
Thanks MIchelle for your kind advice. Would one need special shoes to walk in the snow?
Answered by Michelle | Feb. 14, 2016 00:22
Yes. Antiskid shoes are the must for you to walk in the snow. The shoes should be warm, like snow boots.
Answered by DO from canada | Feb. 14, 2016 17:16
thanks Michelle for your tips - very useful. Can I get the antiskid in the city when I arrive?
Answered by Michelle | Feb. 14, 2016 18:44
Yes. You can buy it at the shops or malls in the city.
Answered by World from USA | Mar. 06, 2016 19:08
You can also visit Unit 731, Japan's secret WWII laboratory of death (and war crimes). King of Street Food is also a huge night market worth visiting.
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