Asked by Frudo from Philippines | Jan. 13, 2016 08:36
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i am born 9/19/1982 and my 1st time to visit this site and its really making sense and helpful indeed. Just want to clarify it show that bad matches for me are Dragon, Sheep, Rooster.. is it referring to people with these zodiacs specifically right? coz i do have pets such as roosters and a sheeps nearby. Is there a way also to reverse any negative matches between dog and sheep zodiac. My brother has a sheep zodiac and things really worsen for us in almost any angle.

thank you

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Answered by Fiona from Italy | Jan. 15, 2016 03:13
Frudo, these signs are incompatible with you, according to Chinese zodiac. But they are not absolutely accurate. There are always some exceptions. I have some friends who are incompatible according to zodiac. However, they get along with each other very well.

It's up to you. If you believe zodiac things 100 percent, then you should avoid these signs as it suggests.
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