Asked by Louise from Denmark | Jan. 04, 2016 01:29
About:China Visa Entries / Validity / Duration of Stay

I have a F type visa (double entry, 90 days stay).

Does that mean that I am allowed to be in China for 90 days, leave the country, re-enter, and stay for another 90 days on the same F type? Or am I only allowed to be in PRC for 90 days in total on this F type? Or am I only allowed to be in the country for 90 days staring on the day of my first entry no matter if I leave the country for some days and then re-enter?

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Answered by Alexander from Canada | Jan. 04, 2016 03:49
Hello Louise, it means that you are allowed to be in PRC for 90 days, then you can leave the country and re-enter to stay for another 90 days.
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