Asked by Shang from China | Jan. 03, 2016 16:23
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Hi, I'm considering taking a job in Tai'an

before I do, I'd like to know a little more about life there. All of the information I'm finding online has to do with tourism. One concern of mine is the cost of living. Would a monthly salary of 10,000RMB afford me a comfortable life there? Also, is possible to get around the city on an electric motorbike? If it's too hilly or mountainous, an electric motorbike might not have enough power. I don't want to have to rely on public transportation for getting around.

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Answered by Jim from United Kingdom | Jan. 03, 2016 19:14
You will certainly afford a comfortable life in the city with a monthly salary of CNY 10,000. Generally, CNY1,500-2,000 can be enough for a qualifty life there, except house rental.

And it is very convenient for you to get around the city by electric motorbike because the roads are pretty flat. :) Many locals ride that too. Don't worry!
Answered by Shang from China | Jan. 04, 2016 13:40
Thank you, Jim.
Answered by Yeva from Dubai | Apr. 12, 2016 00:09
Hi Shang, could you please advise on rental prices as i cannot find them anywhere.
Something that would be comfortable for two people in a more or less nice area?
How much should it be at least approx?
Thank you
Answered by Jim | Apr. 12, 2016 01:30
Well. as I know, the rental cost for a small apartment is CNY 1,500-1,200 per month. :)
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