Asked by SAM from France | Dec. 03, 2015 18:03
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Can I enjoy the 72-hour visa free with this fligh pattern?

Bruxelles-Shanghai via Paris (3-hours layover), return b direct flight Shanghai-Paris, total 72h+5mn

I will be travelling From Paris on 09/12 to Shanghai via Amsterdam with 3-hour lay over. Arrival in Shanghai at 10h:30AM on 10/12. Departure from Shanghai on the 14/12 at 00:05 to Paris by direct flight.

What if the flight pattern is Amsterdam-Paris (layover 3 hours)-Shanghai-Paris?
Exceeding the 72-hours by 5 minutes is that acceptable to the Shanghai Airport Immigration to grant me the 72-hours transit free?

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Answered by Jim from New Zealand | Dec. 03, 2015 22:03
Dear, if the flight pattern is Amsterdam-Paris-Shanghai-Paris, I’m afraid you cannot use the 72 hour free transit because you just fly back to the departure country after a transit in Shanghai.
The 72 hours in Shanghai starts from 00:00 the day following the entry date, so it will exceed 72 hour in real practice. So if you fly to Shanghai from Paris via Amsterdam, and then fly back to Paris (as the pattern Paris-Amsterdam-Shanghai-Paris), it’s possible for you to use the 72 hour free transit.
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