Asked by Maren from Norway | Nov. 13, 2015 07:23
About:China Embassy in Argentina

Applying for Chinese visa when not in Buenos Aires and foreign citizen

Hello. We are a couple planning to backpack in Asia in January 2016. I'm from Norway and my boyfriend has dual citizenship with Paraguay and Germany. He plans to travel with his German passport, we have been told he can choose. We are living in Asuncion, Paraguay now and therefore need to get it sorted while we are here. There's no Chinese embassy in Paraguay, so we were told to apply at the closest embassy which would be in Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. Will we be able to apply tourist types in Buenos Aires, without even being in the county and also being from Norway and Germany? I know we don't have to be present when applying, but how would we do it with proving our legal stay or entry to Argentina, when we are not there?

Does anyone know the name of any agencies that help with applications? We have many friends in Buenos Aires we could also ask if there's no agency to help us.

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Answered by Ken from Germany | Nov. 14, 2015 01:27
Maren, if you apply for tourist types, I guess that long-term resident permit for employment/study etc. isn't required if you apply in Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. According to Chinese embassy, you should be in the country where you apply for your Chinese entry permits.

If you have friends there, I think you can ask them to help you with your application. They can submit and pick up your materials on your behalf. However, I personally suggest you might try to contact Chinese embassy there first to confirm whether they accept your application. If not, I am afraid that you need get back to Europe to apply.
Answered by Maren from Norway | Nov. 14, 2015 08:31
Okay thanks. In buenos Aires they said you need a proof of entry to Argentina to apply there with a foreign passport, so I guess that is not an option.... I'm worried it will be the same in São Paulo but I have to wait until Monday to call and ask..

I have another question though. I know I need to provide flight and hotel reservations, but I can't afford to buy the refundable tickets, since I'm doing backpacking and traveling cheap. I'm buying most of my tickets through Expedia. Can I book and cancel within 24 hours for a refund but use that as the booking, and then buy again when I have the visa and know I will be able to go for sure? Or how would it work?
Answered by Ken from Germany | Nov. 14, 2015 20:06
Maren, to play it safe. It's better that you book the tickets first and cancel the bookings after you get the L type. You are not advised to cancel them during the application process.
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