Asked by Harm from Belgium | Oct. 28, 2015 08:34
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Visa needed for 3 days Guangzhou and 5 days Hong-Kong?

I'm Belgian and will be visiting China in January during my trip in Asia to visit a friend.

I will arrive Sunday the 3th of January 2016 in Guangzhou (coming from Bangkok) and will stay there for 3-4 days (until the 6th/7th). Then I will take the train from Guangzhou to Hong-Kong and the Monday 11th of January 2016 I will leave from Hong-Kong with the plane to Seoul.

My question now is if I do need an entry permit for the total of 9 days I will be in PRC in 2 different cities? I find all sorts of different information on the internet so I thought it would be a good idea to ask here, so that I am sure and can get an entry permit in time.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards

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Answered by Heidi from Australia | Oct. 30, 2015 02:43
Hi there! You don't need the entry permit for Hong Kong, only need one for Guangzhou. Actually, if you fly into Guangzhou from Bangkok, stay less than 72 hours there, and then take a plane to Hong Kong, you can enjoy the 72-hour free transit policy. In this case, the entry permit for Guangzhou is not necessary either.
Answered by Harm from Belgium | Oct. 30, 2015 07:41

Thanks for your reply! The problem is I have fixed flights from Bangkok to Guangzhou (on the 3th of January) and from Hong-Kong to Seoul (11th of January). So I will have to stay longer than 72 hours in one of the cities I guess. Unless you know another way to get around needing a visum?

Thanks in advance
Answered by Heidi from Germany | Oct. 31, 2015 02:56
If so, then you have to apply for a L type in advance. Except your passport, application form and passport photo, you should provide return air ticket (Guangzhou to HK) and hotel reservation.
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