Asked by angel from philippines | Aug. 16, 2015 10:43
About:Horse's Love Compatibility

I'm year of the horse (september,26,1990) and my bf is year of the sheep (feb.26,1955)

My question is, he's putting some buisness on there country. its a work shop buisness about cars,(how to repaire your car) and he spend a big money for that buisness, even the space rental was so expencive. me I'm going to work there on his country as a care giver, do you think he made a right decission for that business? And I want to help him too and ofcourse I give my whole support for him, but for me I don't know if he can get back more than times 2 the money he invest for his own business, and as I've read on his zodiac sign there something possible happened about his buisness plan and I know its only a guide, please help me and I need some advice, thanks

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Answered by Anna from Oman | Aug. 19, 2015 04:46
Angel, all people who have the same zodiac signs as your husband are unlucky this year. So it's normal if he didn't do well in his business. When you do something new, people around you tell you that you shouldn't do that because they think that you may fail. But they come to say "Congratulations! I knew you could do this" when you succeed. So please do not have any doubt in him and his business. Even he might fail, at least he made the first step to open his business.

If you really want to know, his business isn't compatible with his element. According to his birth date, his element is Wood. However, the element of his businss is metal. Metal and Wood are opposite to each other.
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