Asked by 27girl from Philippines | Aug. 07, 2015 05:34
About:Year of the Dragon

He's born in April 15, 1964.

I would like to know if we are compatible and we can make our relationship forever? Does he love me ? I would like to make it sure that he is the right guy , but we're both dragons.

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Answered by Tina from Paraguay | Aug. 08, 2015 03:36
Well, if we judge your relationship based on Chinese zodiac, you two are incompatible though you both have many things in common. You know, people of this zodiac sign are said to be stubborn and aggressive. When they come together, they are unwilling to let the other side to control themselves because they want to be the "leader". If you really want to be together, then both sides need to make efforts to change yourself. If he wants to be the leader, then let him be. Compromise is good for your relationship.
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