Asked by faith from Philippines | Jul. 07, 2015 07:46
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what will be happen for me in future if i will have babies and do i marry?

Hi my birthday is September 1,1989 year of snake virgo and my boyfriend birthday is march 7,1987 pieces and year of i will have happy marraige if incase me and my boyfriend will get marry? Im divorce and confuse of my life coz my life is very rocky before..

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Answered by Frank from Russia | Jul. 09, 2015 04:36
According to your birth date, you will marry someone and have two kids (one girl, one boy). And your relationship is harmonious.

Your zodiac signs (male rabbit and female rabbit) are compatible. You two are serious about your relationship. However, you both might get hurt for this reason. If both sides are too serious, then their relationship might become tense. Just take it easy and try to give each other personal space and time. Then your relatioinship will be fine.
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