Asked by Armand Famy Jr. from Philippines | May. 12, 2015 12:45
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i have been struggling financially all my life. will these continue?

I am born on oct 21,1972. I have 6 children with 3 women. My present partner is d love of my life wherin 3 of the six children came from her. Now i am struggling financially. I have been in d sales industry since 2004 and cant find the right sales career to establish myself. Am i at the right career?

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Answered by Gary from Ireland | May. 13, 2015 03:48
Armand, you needn't be so worried. According to your birth dates, you ecountered many crises when you were young. However, you survived. In your middle life, you work diligently to feed your family. Finally, you live a comfortable life when you are old.

See? You are not the one to make great achievements in life. Instead, you are the one who spends his life safely and peacefully.
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