Asked by Tay rat from Cambodia | Mar. 11, 2015 04:44
About:Year of the Tiger

I was born as ox and my husband as rooster.

we would like to know when both of us have a great year for being wealthy or rich year for us? What I and him should avoid to do? I know this year is not a good year for me. So how could I do to be better? Thanks for your response

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Answered by Tony from Malaysia | Mar. 14, 2015 01:14
Perhaps, you may provide your birth dates. Then I may find some predicions on your future life. Zodiac predictions are made year by year only.

Ox people need to be very careful with their investment because it's possible that they may lose money. In their career, they shouldn't trust others easily. Instead, they should do their jobs on their own though it is very difficult. And they should avoiding making big decisions this year.

Those who are married should maintain their family relationship very well no matter how they are busy with their jobs. Family is much more important. They should spare time to be together so that their relationship will be strengthened.
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