Asked by ka prj from USA | Feb. 11, 2015 03:34
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What big decisions should I keep in mind? How will study & work prospects be? Should I travel?

My birthdate is March 5, 1989 and my partner's birthdate is October 11, 1987. We are in a long-distance relationship and have had a tumultuous winter-- now we are happier, and I am wondering how to make it last. Will my relationship with my partner survive the summer and remain harmonious? Should I be worried or watch out for anything?

I am also feeling uninspired about my studies-- even though I love what I'm doing. How can I improve-- and should I try to travel this year?

Will my family be okay? They are going through a very bad time (mother- march 10, 1953, and brother- november 26, 1991). Thank you!

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Answered by Roxy from Poland | Feb. 12, 2015 01:15
Well, it's predicted that you two can be regarded as a suitable match. In the furture life, you need to solve the problems together. Tell each other the true feelings. Quarrel is not the way to improve your relationship. Gradually, you two will become a wonderdul pair.

You are suggested to focus on your study more this year. Travel perhaps will distract your attention. You can have more short distance activities, such as swim or climb the mountain. These are good ways to relax.

The situations will be much better than last year. Don't worry a lot.
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