Asked by vinod from India | Feb. 03, 2015 06:01
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My birthday on 01.05.1971 and my partner 17.12.1974. how is this year going for us?

there are plans for us to live apart for a couple of years for the studies of our children. whether it is a good idea or not? we are now in dubai. she would like to go back india for children education for two years.

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Answered by Edson from United Kingdom | Feb. 04, 2015 01:43
Vinod, don't worry about this problem so much. After living together for a few year, you two know each other so well. So it's ok for you to live apart temporarily. During that period of time, umderstand and patience will help you solve some problems. Besides, you need to trust her. Trust is also an important element in your love relationship.
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