Asked by jacqueline from united states | Dec. 28, 2014 10:27
About:Year of the Rooster

i was born on aug 7th 1987 and my husband was born on jan 8 th 1988

his sign is capricorn he is a rooster. My sighn is a leo which makes me a rabbit. And we have two kids together. Things are so messed up right now in my family and i did the zodiac match and it saif we were 70percent a match was just woundering if you could tell me a lil more about us .. Do you think we will last or what do you think about that match...

Answers (1)
Answered by Abby from United States | Dec. 29, 2014 09:55
What kind of problems are both having if you don't mind me asking... Me and my boyfriend have same Chinese zodiac like both of you.. We don't have conflicts but it it in the matter of order, compromise and trust
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