Asked by Toby from USA | Oct. 03, 2014 01:26
About:Year of the Dog

A male libra dog (1994) and a male leo rabbit (1987).

Hey, one more question. Are rabbits usaully the ones who talk to the ones they like or dogs? Who chases more? (If you understand). Lol. Also, what things should I say to them? Lol. Thank you

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Answered by Shannon from USA | Oct. 05, 2014 05:09
Hi Toby, this could have to do with the fact that you are talking about a FIRE rabbit, fire rabbits are more bold than other rabbits, they have the fires of passion burning inside of them, and usually don't shirk any opportunity that comes their way to get what they want, so yes a fire rabbit will chase a dog, however the dogs instincts should kick in eventually, especially if the rabbit is sitting on the fence, dogs enjoy the chase too and will naturally go into chase mode if their desired partner may be playing hard to get, but with this combination one of u will wind up chasing the other eventually until you catch each other, can be a fun game;), but be warned male rabbits too tend to shy away from commitment, at least at first they do;)
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