Asked by dhanya from India | Sep. 26, 2014 00:26
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my date of birth JAN 1 1989 will i get a new job in 2014 what will be my fortune in 2015 ?

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Answered by Steven from Honduras | Sep. 27, 2014 04:22
Dhanya, you are said to make great achievements in your career in 2015. You should perform very well at the first half year of 2015 so that you may get attention from your leaders. In the second half year, you should learn new things which may benefit your career. And you should get along with your colleagues well. However, your love life isn't good. You needn't urge yourself to find your soul-mate immediately. When time is right, you will meet him/her.

Your luck in the rest of 2014 is ok. In October, you should avoid making huge investments because you are likely to lose your money. It's good to make ends meet. From November to January in 2015, you are getting lucky. Your fortune and career luck are good, which means that you may get promoted and make more money.
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