Asked by Jojo from Singapore | Sep. 15, 2014 21:17
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Should we still hold on together?

I am a female monkey and my partner is a male horse. After gather lots of informations from different sources, it was mostly stated that monkey and horse can't really get along. Is it really true?? I find it that sometimes we can really get along and sometimes we can't. Why would i feel this way? Does there any monkey and horse couples that can make it through marriage? And how do they manage to get there? I believe there are surely some couples who are female are monkey and male are horse that have been together right?

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Answered by Jack from Ireland | Sep. 15, 2014 22:36
Jojo, horse and monkey can't get along with each other because they both have strong sense possessiveness. If they can compromise, they still have a future. It's normal that ups and downs happen in a relationship. If you have more happy time with him, I think it's worth that you both do your best to be together.
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