Asked by Bala from Australia | Jul. 30, 2014 19:46
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Currency conversion

1.Are there ATMs available in many places in Xian, Shanghai and Beijing and Lhasa to withdraw Chinese currency using Master card issued from Australia? Or do we have to travel to find one?
2. Are there currency exchangers in many places in the above cities?
3. Also is it better to bring in Chinese currency than converting within China (better rate?)?
4. What is the best way to get the Aus $ to Chinese currency?

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Answered by Andy from Benin | Jul. 31, 2014 02:09
Bala, it's easy for you to find ATMs in the downtown areas of Beijing, Xian and Lhasa. However, I think you should bring a certain amount of Chinese Yuan in cash, especially for your trip in Lhasa. There are many bank branches. However, not all bank branches support money exchanging. You need to call the bank's service line to confirm where you can exchange money.

I think you can convert a small amount of AUD into CNY at the airport because you may buy sim cards or take taxis. When you arrive at your hotel, you may go to the banks to exchange more. Some hotels can exchange foreign currency into Chinese currency. However, their exchange rate is not good. The best way is to exchange your money at the banks.
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