Asked by chintu from india | Jul. 08, 2014 15:14
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when will I find my soulmate, when ill get married?

Hi iam tiger born in 1986, I recently met a girl and felt like my true soulmate, but through one of my friend I came to know that her wedding is fixed in 2015, I really love her will she comes back for me or ill find another soulmate? also when ill get married? and career too not that great either.

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Answered by Charles from Grenada | Jul. 08, 2014 22:27
Chintu, apparently she is not your soul-mate. If she were, you both woud have met before. You will find you true love some day, maybe, this year, with the help of your family and friends.

Tiger people's career fortune is vey good this year. They are expected to increase their salaries or get promotion. It's not the right time now. You may make it happen in November because it's your luckiest month in the second half year of 2014.
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