Asked by Leong from USA | Jun. 06, 2014 20:31
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Both my husband and I are Rat, we have terrible luck this year of the horse.

My husband and I are both Rat born in year 1984. He's a summer rat, while I'm a winter rat. So far the year of the horse has been very bad for us. Nothing goods since the beginning of this year. To name a few, I got bad w2 for taxes, soon follow by my credit card information got stolen and someone s using my cad for purchases. Then I had eye correction surgery and didn't go too well. My husband got in car accident that's not his fault at work, then car don't work at least 5-6 times in the past 5 months. We are in the process of buying a house right now, but so far every steps of the way have problems. Just when I though things look a little better after we sign the house contract last week, we just found out my mortgage banker don't work for the bank anymore. It's like we can't even catch a break. Will out luck get better soon? Or will we keep getting bad luck for the rest of the year?


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Answered by Lika from Canada | Jun. 07, 2014 00:59
I am sorry to hear that! According to Chinese astrology, the fortune of you two are fluctuant this year. Since so many bad things have happened, goof luck will gradually come in the second half year. I suggest you not make any risky investement in the rest months in case of any loss. As well, do control your temper well and things shall get well. Be confident and positive!
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