Asked by Emma from USA | May. 28, 2014 16:16
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I am a rabbit and he is a tiger. Will a marriage work between us in the future?

He broke up with me after 6 years of dating. We still care about each other but he seems to be pushing me away because he needs to be by himself and grow.

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Answered by Bruce from France | May. 28, 2014 22:38
Tiger and Rabbit need to make great efforts if they want to get married. They are out of sync. Tiger is energetic, ambitious, brave and straight. At the beginning, Rabbit was attracted to Tiger for her personal charm.When they come together, Rabbit is scared by Tiger's impulse. Rabbit gradually realize that their personalities are different. As times goes by, she feels depressed and unsafe.

It seems that he isn't ready for getting married with you. You may talk to him and understand his real thought.
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