Asked by Tina from Usa | Mar. 24, 2014 22:28
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I'm born January 5, 1975 female and my love life going down the drain.

I didn't want to marry this year but go sucked in. My lover is a man Scorpio ox born in 1973 - 40 years old. We been arguing more lately and I don't know what to do, leave or work it out. we deeply inside love each other but r very stubborn . We r opposite attraction . Help!!

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Answered by Ivan from Romania | Mar. 25, 2014 22:01
You are a tiger. Ox and tiger's relationship is full of ups and downs. If you two love each other, you shouldn't force him to change. A man's personality is too difficult to be changed. In fact, 2014 is an auspicious year for ox and tiger to get married. You might consider this.
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