Asked by S from Singapore | Feb. 04, 2014 02:03
About:Year of the Tiger

I'm a female born October 28, 1986.

I'm looking at applying for jobs outside of my country and hoping to relocate. Is the year of the horse a good year to do so? Is there anything I need to avoid?

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Answered by TigerLord from Australia | Feb. 05, 2014 08:21
I sense a great year ahead for you! You should definitely relocate to improve your chances. I would aim for either New Zealand or Australia at least for the near future. You will find a great opportunity in Queensland, Australia or Christchurch in New Zealand. However, when you are asked for your choice on the plane coming over.... don't eat chicken or beef. The fish / ocean choice will be best - otherwise you will get a stomach ache. You will get good opportunities as a waitress or working in Hotels as a receptionist for luxury accommodation.

Best of luck! PS... If you do stay where you are's not a bad thing either... but you will find yourself always wondering. If you have your family's blessing to relocate (either in Singapore or further away....I would take it)

Submitted by TigerLord
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