Asked by Bonnie from USA | Feb. 03, 2014 00:11
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Should I move with hubby and daughter back to MO

We are from CO. Moved to MO in 2004-2011. We made great friends. All family lives in CO. Hubby works and lives away in WY. Visits CO on weekends. 17 yr old daughter wants to move "home" to MO as that's all she remembers since age 8. Hubby has great paying job/ benefits with stable job. He has bee thinking about giving it up and going back into commercial construction and working for a commercial company in MO, 40k cut in pay, but we would be a family together after 4 years. He is a horse, I am a monkey. Would this be a bad decision? Should we stay put and buy a house in WY or new job with same type work in CO? We still have our house in MO with land. We have horses and dogs that are not with us now and it could bring us together. Pay will be less, we will leave 10 little grand kids, 4 daughters and soninlaws.
Been praying. We continue to make bad decisions and poor financial decisions. It has all but torn apart an almost 23 year marriage being apart. What should we do??

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Answered by Star from Canada | Feb. 03, 2014 15:20
I am a bit confused reading this, but my suggestion is to move where your husband has a good paying and stable job. If that means leaving your relatives and friends, so be it. You can always make new friends and relatives can be visited from time to time. It is important that you be a family again together, and it is not the best year for a horse to make poor financial decisions. This may not be what a teenage girl would prefer, as leaving her friends and familiar environment may feel difficult for her, but she will adjust in no time.
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