Asked by Raven | Nov. 08, 2013 05:45
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2 sheep, love or friendzone?

Just curious for the hell of it, it says im a sheep i was born nov 18 1991 and a ex of mine is also a sheep he was born july 27 1991, we were fine together altho we did fight alot but we always ended up making up, we were good together but the down side was the distance between us which was a big percentage of our fights otherwise everything was fine, finally i couldnt bare the distance anymore after 8 years and decided to break up, he really didnt wanna break up and still wants to get back together but i told him i didnt want to be together again unless we could see eachother whenever we wanted, which is alot to ask because we dont even live in the same state, he lives in canada and im in the u.s, we're not exactly that well off financially to make that kind of decision anyway, its been almost 3 years since we been broken up and since we've been friends we've gotten along much better fight alot less and have grown alot with a clean slate

so my question is did i make the right choice, we're alot alike but we're also pretty opposite, hes oddly the more romantic affectionate close one and im more reserved laid back and prefer not alot of lovey dovey stuff, my show of affection is playful punching or petting or teasing him playfully being mean, he has no problem saying 'i love you' over and over but im not as likely to say it so easily, i often say 'hate you' rather then love even tho thats what i mean when i say it and he knows it but still would like me to say i love him but i just cant get it out, so what i wanna know is were we a good match and had a future or was it good i broke it off and we're just better off as friends

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Answered by Bruce from United Kingdom | Nov. 09, 2013 00:50
I believe that you have made a right choice. If you stick with a long-distance relationship, you cannot stay together till end. Therefore, if you really love each other, one of you have to move to the other part so that you can stay together whenever you want.
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