Asked by Kyri | Jun. 26, 2013 09:25
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Will a female capricorn tiger gets along with a male scorpio ox in the future ?

We dated for 6 months / love each other very much because we think alike. We resemble each other thats why we get along very well. everyday we talk about everything whatever you could think of / understand each other likes/ dislikes/weakness/ -personalities. We are both learning to opening ourselves up to each other. We even talked about our future/ goals too. The male ox is more patience and sweet while I'm the female tiger more cheerful and adventurous but we understand each other, talk , and never we argue at all. Everything is forgiven.

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Answered by Mia from Canada | Jun. 26, 2013 21:49
If you can open your hear to each other forever and share whatever you have, you will have a good ending.
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