Asked by Dhavin from Mauritius | Mar. 10, 2013 14:30
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Hi, i am a male of 17 Mars 1989.

Can you tell me what are there for me in 2013 in Love, Health and Career please ?

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Answered by Dave from USA | Mar. 10, 2013 21:35
Well, as 2013 happens to be your birth year when you will meet many things, something very unlucky or something very fortunate. Therefore, you shall be very careful to handle everthing this year.

As for your lovelife, it can be smooth. If you are in a relationship, you are getting intimate with your partner. While for single, you can shake off your single life this year. Just seize all the chances!

Your health condition can be ok. Just be careful about the discomfort in stomach and intestines. When not feeling well, go to see a doctor early.

As for your career, you will confront many tests. Be patient to overcome them all.
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