Asked by andy from USA | Feb. 14, 2013 22:10
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Supplementary Visa Application Form 2011B — Section D

The first question of section D asks "Duration of your stay in this country or territory" when referring to the country your applying in when different from your country of nationality

Does this mean how long I have been in this country or territory, or how long I intend to stay in this country or territory?

I am a UK citizen but have just moved to the US and am living/working here on a US work visa. am planning on submitting my application in washington DC as I live in maryland.

some websites also say I need to submit a copy of my travel itinerary; however this is not listed as a requirement on the embassy website nor have I ever previously needed to submit them when applying for chinese visas from the london embassy when I used to live there

thanks for the help


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Answered by Randy | Feb. 18, 2013 03:58
It means how long you plan to stay in US, including the previous months you work there on the work visa. Prepare a selp written travel itinerary if you travel individually. But for tourist visa, return ticket and hotel reseration are required.
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