Asked by Cindy from Philippines | Jan. 08, 2013 18:28
About:Year of the Tiger

I was born on november 15 ,1986.. I want to go abroad. Am I lucky to achieved it?

How about money future?!
Can you please give me some names of my compatible man and serious man of my year 2013,...

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Answered by Diana | Jan. 08, 2013 21:24
Hi, I have to say that if you have made up your mind to go abroad, just do it. Perhaps it may bring you certain good fortune. For people born in 1986, 2013 will be a good year if they handle things by themselves.

As long as you are willing to make full use of your intelligence, your money fortune will never leave you alone this year. Fine good and legal money-making approaches, and you may get good income or profit.

Chinese astrology shows that you are compatible with horse or dog people. Therefore, you can try to find some suitable ones around.
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