Asked by Wash from South Africa | Nov. 27, 2012 15:32
About:Year of the Snake

I am a female Metal Dog, and would like to find out what the outlook for the 2013 snake year is

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Answered by Iris | Nov. 28, 2012 00:14
The Dog is always giving, and the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Dog shows us that 2013 year of the black Snake is a great year to finally get a little back. It can be difficult for you to accept what others want to return to you. You must learn that to let others give, because there is a lot of joy in giving and others deserve the right to feel it as well.
There will be a wealth of opportunity opening up for you this year. The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Dog is a good one, but it does require action on your part. Don't let your actions go unnoticed. It can be difficult for you to toot your own horn, but if ever there was a year for it this is it. Remember that you do deserve to be respected and only you can ask for and demand the respect you're owed.
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