Asked by Winnie | Nov. 25, 2012 10:01
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I'm a female rabbit and my bf is a dragon. will our relationship work out?

our relationship has been going up and down constantly for the past 2 years due to our different personalities and i've been unhappy for that long. recently i started to feel something for a male coworker (goat) and i can tell that he feels the same way. but he is 8, almost 9 years older than me so he is acting like a big brother to me right now. should i end my old relationship and start a new one or learn to accept my bf's personality?

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Answered by Jenny | Nov. 25, 2012 20:43
Rabbit and dragon need to compromise a lot in orde to get along with each other. These two signs have different attitudes towards life and leisure time.
For rabbit and sheep, these two signs can make a long and steady relationship together. The only problem is their mutual potential for emotional instability in their love. If they can solve this problem, you two can stay together happily.
Above all, I think you can decide on yourself. I think the Chinese astrology is not always true and I think you need to follow your heart.
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