Asked by ET from China | Nov. 20, 2012 08:08
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Visa for Baby under parent's business visa

I am currently residing in Beijing and under my husbands business visa. I will be returning to Malaysia to have my baby in Sabah, Malaysia and then a quick trip to KL. I will need to renew my Malaysian passport and have my dependent visa transferred to my new passport. Also, I will need to apply for a passport and Chinese visa for my newborn baby.

Q. How can I transfer my dependent visa to my new passport (generally there does not seem to be a form for it). What form would I need to complete?

Q2. How can I apply for my baby to be under my husband's business visa. What form/visa do I apply for?

Q3. Do I need to have my husband present with me throughout this whole process? He works in Beijing and cannot be with me while I apply for all these visas/passports.

Q4. If my baby and I cannot apply for dependence under my husband's visa, what is an alternative method of entry into China? Is it a tourist visa, and then reapply in Beijing to be under my husband's visa?

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Answered by Selina | Nov. 20, 2012 23:54
A1: I don't think visa can be transferred from one passport to another. You may have to apply for a new visa. You can also confirm with the local China embassy if you can enter china with both the old passport and new passport.

A2: the application is as what you did before, but you may fill the application form on behalf of your baby. Both V2011A & V2011B should be filled.

A3: No, you can do it yourself.

A4: Yes, you can also apply for a tourist visa to enter China.

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