Asked by roxy from england | Nov. 05, 2011 06:15
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Can I get a tourist visa to stay in China for 6 months?

I am wanting to go to china for 6 months on a tourist visa can this be done? I read that you can only get a tourist visa for 30 days?

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Answered by David | Nov. 05, 2011 21:53
A single entry visa normally allows one to stay in China for 30 days. Sometimes it can be longer, for instance 60 days. But I'm afraid you won't get a duration of stay for 6 months for a single-entry visa. Here are several ways for you to deal with it:
1. apply for a multiple-entry visa. Usually, each entry on a multiple-entry visa allow one to stay in China for two months. When the duration of stay is going to expire, you can travel out of China to Hong Kong, Macau or a nearby country and reenter China to get another 60 days duration of stay.
2. apply for a single-entry visa with a duration of stay as long as possible. When it is going to expire, go to local PSB to extend it. A single-entry China visa usually can be extended for twice within China, each time obtaining a 30 days duration of stay.
3. Apply for a single-entry visa and change it to an F (business visa) with a duration of stay for 6 months upon arrival with the help of a visa agency. This is what many foreigners do. But it is expensive.
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