Asked by Ms.Schneider from China | Mar. 26, 2011 01:38

Hi there,

i am also planning a trip to Inner Mongolia for 2 days. After arriving in Hohhot very early in the morning i would like to go to the Gegentala Grassland right away to enjoy some horse riding there and to have an overnight stay in the mongolian tent. On the next day i would like to go back to visit Hohhot. After another night there i will take the train back to Beijing in the morning.

Do you think this is possible? I also would like to know if i have to book the stay in Gegentala in advance or is it possible just going there without any reservation?
How do i get from Hohhot to Gegentala? Are there any busses?

I would be very happy, if someone could help me.
THX & greetings!

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Answered by Mr.Waldo | Mar. 27, 2011 20:59
Your schedules seems ok. But the mongolian tent will be in great demand during the tourism high season, so it is better for you to make a reservation in advance. You can rent a car from Hohhot to Gegentala Grassland.
Answered by Ms.Schneider from China | Mar. 27, 2011 21:48
Thank you for your reply! Well i´ve heard that april is not the high season, but i´d like to make a reservation for the tent anyway. Do you know any contact where i can do this?
I am not a good driver, so i´m afraid of renting a car. Aren´t there any busses? Or can i "rent" a driver, too? Where is the best place to look for this in Hohhot?

Thank you again!
Answered by Mr.Waldo | Mar. 28, 2011 20:04
Sorry, I have no idea about how to book the tent, but you can find a travel agency to get the detailed info. As for the transportation, you can take the bus from Hohhot to Siwangziqi, 30 kms far from the Gegentala Grassland. Then transfer to the bus to Gegentala Grassland.
Answered by Ms.Schneider from China | Mar. 28, 2011 22:18
Thank you very much :)
Do you know from where the bus is leaving?
Answered by Mr.Waldo | Mar. 29, 2011 20:09
The bus is leaving at Hohhot long-distance bus station, which is located on the Hohhot station East street.
Answered by Ms.Schneider from China | Mar. 30, 2011 00:39
Perfect, thanks a lot!
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