Asked by Ms.APARAJITA from India | Mar. 23, 2011 00:16
About:China Embassy in India

I plan to visit China in May alongwith a friend for 1 week travel purpose.I have two doubts.
1. I am based out of Hyderabad but my family is in Delhi. How do i go about applying for the visa? Is it possible to apply here itslef? and if that is not a possibility can my family apply on my behalf in Delhi? Please provde me the link which lists down all the mandatory requirements for obtaining a visa
2. My friend is from South America. He will be visitng India first and then after a week we will be going to China. Is it possible for him to apply for visa in his country itself?
3. How difficult can it be to obtain a tourist visa after i have been able to get a letter from a local?

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Answered by Mr.Gavin from Canada | Mar. 23, 2011 03:21
1. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is under the consular districts of China embassy in New Delhi. You can submit the tourist visa application in person to CVASC in New Delhi, or your family apply for visa on your behalf. The link of requirements for tourist visa can be find on this page

2. It is possible for him to apply for China visa in his country, he can't obtain a China visa in India.

3. It is not hard for you to get a tourist visa if you can provide all the requirement for tourist visa.
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