Asked by Ms. haylie from Australia | Mar. 09, 2011 17:47
About:Qin Dynasty

1. what do the written sources tell us about the Qin Dynasty and the first Emperor?
2. what can we learn about the power of the first emperor from this discovery?
3. what can we learn about the chinese army during the Qin Dynasty from this dicovery?
4. how did Qin Shihuang reform his empire? what effects did this have on a chinese societ?
5. what can we learn about the burial customs of chinese royalty during the Qin Dynasty?

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Answered by Mr.Carl | Mar. 09, 2011 20:24
The first emperor owns supreme power of the state. From the discovery, we know that the solders then were divided into infantry, cavalry, war-carriages and crossbowmen, of which infantry was the main force, and war-carriages was an important fighting force. He reforms in politics, economy, military affairs, and culture like centralized feudal monarchy, burning the books and burying the scholars alive and unifying characters, currency, weights and measures.
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