Asked by Mrs.Thorn from USA | Feb. 22, 2011 14:22
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Hello, I have read a lot of info, but few questions answered. My family is considering moving to Chongqing for work. I have two young children and live a good American lifestyle. I want to know what are the best areas to live, that could have other expats. I am able to spend 20k plus yuan in housing and will need the international schooling. I need a nanny/housekeeper and I want to be near some good restaurants or grocery stores that sell child friendly foods. Am I able to buy American style foods anywhere? I want to feel comfortable, but have lived in other countries to know the barriers of language and what my normal lifestyle is. I am looking for specific information and all the help I can receive because I need to be informed before I make this life changing decision.

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Answered by Ms.CRYSTALRING | Feb. 22, 2011 19:48
Hi, you may consider about to find an apartment at Haizhou International Apartment which is located at 81 Yunshanbei Lu. It is about a 10 minutes walking distance from Chongqing Bashu Midlle School. There is a International Institute in the school. It may be suitable for your children. There are many restaurants and shops arround this apartment which will make your life easy.
Answered by Mr.chongqing from Mexico | Mar. 21, 2011 20:14
dude seriously.. if u wanna live your american life in china, forget abt it. u should make some changes of ur own.
Answered by Mr.JAMSON from China | Mar. 26, 2011 02:47
I think you better stay in Nan an district Chongqing.Because there is a METRO supermaket,and some house area also there.Just find a international school for your kids,that's it,you can start with your China-America life style.Basically I have lived overseas for 8 years,I know what you guys need.
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