Asked by Mr.Patrick from Germany | Jan. 20, 2011 09:09
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Good evening!

I am on an F Visa in China, expiring beginning of February. I could extend it once more with a single entry, but when this one expires then I think I need to get out of China to apply for a new F. That's why I am thinking to get a new Visa now in Thailand (I'll be there until 15 Feb), enter China and extend this new one then to stay for a longer period. In general, can there be a problem if I am just on F Visa for a long period, cause at the moment I can not get the Z because of < 2yrs work experience. I am employed in Germany, no contract or anything like this in China and just doing here some work in our China Branch. Regards and thanks for your help

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Answered by Mr.GETIN2CHINA1 from China | Jan. 20, 2011 19:34
you have two ways about your F visa, one is go out and apply for a new one, like you said . another is just go out to renew you entry stamp date, then you can go back and extend your F visa again ! in beijing is like this, but i do not know where are you living .
Answered by Mr.Patrick | Jan. 21, 2011 20:54
Thank you Mr. Getinchina.

The thing is just, when I come back on the 15th Feb I want to stay as long as possible in China, June or July probably. That's why I mean if I do another extension now I probably need to get out in 90 days after 15th Feb and apply for a new one, cause I can not do the extension then.
But if I get a new one now I could extend it then and maybe no need to get out before June...
Am I right?
Thanks for your help
Answered by Mr.GETIN2CHINA1 from China | Jan. 22, 2011 07:58
if you get a new F visa, you can extend it without go out of China.
Answered by Mr.Patrick from France | Jan. 22, 2011 22:34
Thank you,

I think I will get a new one in Thailand. Will be the best option. Regards
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