Asked by Mrs.Ainsley Brown from USA | Jan. 01, 2011 15:35
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Does anyone know anything about Yuxi Town which is near or part of Shaoyang? Thank you.

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Answered by Ms.Sara | Jan. 03, 2011 20:34
As far as I know, Yuxi is a nice town south of Kunming in China. It is not in Shaoyang, Hunan Province.
Answered by Mrs.Ainsley Brown from USA | Jan. 03, 2011 21:18
Thank you, Ms. Sara, for your reply. The Yuxi Town I am looking for is in the Daxiang District of Shaoyang in Hunan. My daughter was found on the Yuxi Bridge there before we adopted her. I am trying to find this bridge using google world map but cannot. It must be a very small part of the district or maybe an informal name.
Answered by Jeremy from China | Dec. 06, 2014 17:49
Hi Mrs. Ainsley Brown, most things around Shaoyang aren't easy to find online (or in English). I may know of the bridge you are talking about. If you are still looking, email me at I'm living in Shaoyang now, so even if it's not the one I'm thinking of, I can likely find out for you :)
Answered by Ainsley Brown from USA | Dec. 06, 2014 20:19
Thank you so much, Jeremy. We found the bridge in YuxiZhen next to Tanjian village and found the exact spot our daughter was left 18 years ago. A friend helped us locate the spot and the woman who found our daughter. We brought our daughter to this place in June 2014 and we met the woman who found her. Amazing. We do not have contact with our daughter's birth family yet but we hope someday they will learn that we visited YuxiZhen and that our daughter would like to know them or have a photo of them. Thank you for your message. I really appreciate it. Ainsley
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