Asked by Ms.jiayou from Thailand | Dec. 19, 2010 09:05
About:Bifeng Gorge Panda Base

Good Evening ,

I am one of Lin Bing’s Thai fans,the land of smiles which have keeped 3 Bifengxia pandas in Chaingmai Zoo at the moment.I would like to ask so many important questions about panda which have never been received or cleared from any authority in charge from my own country .So let me begin with few questions as follows:

1.At present,the authority in Thai may try to negociate with Ya’an Bifengxia Base about extending Lin Bing for 2 more years. Did it come to the conclusion that Lin Bing has to return to her motherland at once when she become 2 years old next May or not ?

2. The veterinarian who take care of the pandas in Chaingmai Zoo expained about their behaviors on the official webboard that after the cub was separated from its mother ,they would began unrecognised each other . So afterthat if one transgress into to other territory ,it become war and they will fight each other.Is it true of false ?

3. Does panda has feeling ? such as sad , lonely ,fear ? The same veterinarian also explained on her webboard that panda cannot be sad,we just use our own (human) feeling when we watch their motions on screen (we have cabin TV, panda channel 24 hours a day) and mixed up with our imagination to set the two illusions during the day.
1. Lin Bing look sad in daytime .(be separated from her mom) and
2. Lin Bing look happy after dark.(can meet her mother again)
Is it true of false ?

4.Who,between Bifengxia Base and Chaingmai Zoo,in charge for the plan and set the time for panda cub weaning in Thailand ? We have one of Lin Bing’s fanclub (a celebrity)who did make a direct call to Chaingmai Zoo ,and asked them for mercy by poseponing the weaning plan until it’s time for her or her mother’s own needs.The answer was “It all belong to the specification which required from China. ”

Thank you so much and I'm looking for your kindly reply with totally hope that the most importion data from you may help Lin Bin before it's so late.

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Answered by Mr.Hilary | Dec. 21, 2010 03:14
I know that it is a rule that all the baby pandas born in foreign countries have to be sent back to China when they are 2 years old. It's true that if a panda cub was seperated from its mother for a period of time, they won't recognize each other any more. Pandas do have feelings like other animals. The return time of the baby panda was agreed on when China sent the pandas to Thailand, I don't think it can be changed.
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