Asked by Mr.funny guy :P from uk | Sep. 06, 2010 19:15
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My brother has been going on about chinese astrology for ages now and he loves it.
he goes on about the year master month master and day master.
apparently you represent your day master the most.
im a twin but i found out recently that i was born on the 20th of 08 1991 and my sister is the 21st 08 1991. does this make us different in anyway?
also what would be my most compatible match? cause i found this fast match astrology site and a girl i was seeing like 1 or 2 years ago we had the highest compatibility. shes 23rd 12 1991

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Answered by Mr.Jamie from China | Sep. 06, 2010 22:16
It makes you have the different birth time, we call Sheng Chen BA Zi (the eight characters showing one's birthday, like horoscope). The eight characters(characters in four pairs), indicating the year, month, day and hour of a person's birth, used in fortune-telling. 1991 is the year of sheep. The year match is commonly known, but as to the date and hours, we usually ask for some specific person to tell.
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