Asked by Mr.lie | Aug. 19, 2010 09:02
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My family will be travelling to beijing on sept 2-10, we will be staying at Shangda Hotel, 169 guanganmenwai, xuanwu district, and jinqiao int'l hotel,55 Guangqumen beili, chongwen dist.

My itinerary as follows :

2/9 : Arrive at Capital Airport at 6.20pm, go to Shangda Hotel

3/9 : Great Wall -> Ming Tombs -> Sacred Ways -> Olympic Stadium(night)

4/9 : A) Grand View Garden -> Taoranting Park -> Temple of Heaven -> Hongqiao Market
B) move to Jinqiao Int'l Garden
which is more efficien, A first or B ?

5/9 : Summer Palace -> Old Summer Palace -> Lying Budha Temple -> Fragrant Hills Park -> Badachu park -> Beijing Zoo.

6/9 : Tiananmen -> Forbidden city -> Jingshan Park -> Zongshan Park -> Beihai Park -> Prince Gong mansion.

7/9 : Lama Temple -> Ditan Park -> Yinding Bridge -> Sichahai( houhai lake) at night

8/9 : Beijing World park -> Marcopolo Bridge ->Longtan Park -> Beijing Nan Guan Park

9/9 : Beijing Uni and Tshing Hua Uni

We would like to know the transportation (Bus/MTR) for each from hotel and back, if possible we would like to take the bus.

is the itinerary efficien ? Please re-arrange it and suggest which is more efficien.

we will be shopping at Xidan, Wan Fu Jing, Sanlitun Yashow, and eating at Quan Jude Roast Duck at Qianmei Xi Dajie, Xuanwu.
on which day those places to visit is better, one/two place each day.

many thanks..

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Answered by Ms.Jessica | Aug. 20, 2010 04:14
1) Start your journey at Shangda hotel, take taxi to Deshengmen and take bus 919 to Great Wall. After visiting the Great Wall, take Bus 919 to Changping Xiguan (昌平西关),there take Bus 314 which can take you to Changling (长陵),Dingling(定陵) and the Sacred Way(神路). When going back to downtown, you can take Bus 314 and then bus 919 to Deshengmen, where you've started. After arriving at Deshengmen, take taxi to National Stadium.

2)Grand View Garden is around 2 kilometers to your hotel, you can take taxi there. From Grand View Garden to Taoranting Park, you can take Bus 运通102线,53,,122,特3,458 and alight at South Gate of Taoranting Park Stop( 陶然亭公园南门). From Taoranting Park to Temple of Heaven, you can either take taxi or bus or just walk there since these three places, including Grand View Garden, are not very far from each other. After visiting Temple Of Heaven, you just walk out of the park through east gate and you'll see Hongqiao Market across the street. A first is more efficient.
transportation from Summer Palace to Old Summer palace is easy, you can just walk there. From Old Summer Palace, you can take the following buses to Lying Buddha Temple: 331,696,563,563,331,563. These buses all run to Lying Buddha Temple (卧佛寺). From Lying Buddha Temple, take the following buses to Fragrance Hill Park and alight at xiangshan Gongyuan Stop (香山公园):563区间 and 563, from Fragrant Hills Park, I suggest you take taxi to Badachu Park, it is not very far but there is no direct bus. From Badachu Park, take Bus 311 to Subway Pingguoyuan Station and then take Bus 645.
6/9: Start from Tiananmen Square, go to Forbidden city and after that, walk to the North Gate of Forbidden City and the Jingshan Park is near the North Gate. You should go to Zhongshan Park first and then Jingshan Park, since Zhongshan Park is very close to Tiananmen Square. After Jingshan Park, you can walk to Beihai Park, and then walk to Prince Gong's Mansion.
Answered by Ms.Jessica | Aug. 20, 2010 04:28
7/9: From Lama Temple to Ditan Park, you can take Bus 103 or 116.
8/9, From Beijing World Park to Marcopolo Bridge, it is not very far but there is no direct bus, I suggest you to take taxi to there. And then take Bus952 to Badachu and then change to Bus 958 to Longtan Park. From Longtan Park to Nanguan Park, take Bus122 and change to Subway Line 2 at Jianguomen Nan Station, finally alight at Dongzhimen and then walk to Nanguan Park. You can take Bus13 or Sightseeing Line 1(观光1号线) to Yandai Xiejie and then walk along the street you'll find Yinding Bridge. Yinding Bridge is at Shichahai Area.

9/9, Beijing uni and Qinghua University is aruond 1km to each other, you can walk there.
Answered by Mrs.lie from Indonesia | Aug. 20, 2010 08:12
Thanks Ms Jessica for ur reply, it's verry useful.
So.., u mean that, we move to Jinqiao Int'l Garden on evening day 4 ?
On day 5 to day 9 , u don't start the itinerary from Jinqiao, how is it ?

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