Asked by Mr.Clinton Adams from Australia | Jun. 30, 2010 20:27
About:China Consulate in Melbourne

Dear Consulate,
Hello, could you please help me with some information.I have recently visited China
on a business trip and have meet someone who I would like to invite to come to Australia to veiw my company and also have a holiday,she has requested information of a personal nature eg,personal bank statements,my company bank deposit's,title of my home etc to show your embassy in China,could you please let me know if this a standard information as I find this to be very personal.We are trying to bring her out to Australia quickly as she has a short period of time to do this trip.Or can you please let me know the correct information or is it best I come to the consulate to discuss in person.

Many Thanks
Clinton Adams
Director ,Celsius Glass

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Ned from Australia | Aug. 15, 2010 03:52
Hi Mr Adams
I have been working in China for the last 7 years with F visa. Now, my employer in China is applying for me a 1 year z visa. I am now in Melbourne for a holiday, I am starting work on Monday 30th of August (this month). I have already purchased an airline ticket to go to Beijing on Tuesday the 24th of this month. I am still waiting for my 1 year Z visa application letter from my employer. They informed me that they will send it to my address here in Melbourne on Tuesday by DHL post, It will arrive maybe on Thursday or Friday afternoon. It means I only have one day (Monday the 23th) to get my z-visa because I must leave Melbourne to China on Tuesday early morning.
Can I get my Z-visa application approved in the same day (i.e. Monday the 23th)?
I only need this application letter from my employer in China with my valid passport, 2 photos and money, Is that right? Nothing else?
Thank you very much for your early reply, I am very worried about this

Kind Regards,
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